If you ask U.S. audiences about the biggest sports event in the American Football Calendar, most of them will answer the “Super Bowl,” of course. This football league is broadcasted across North America and becomes one of the most watch events in the region. The event results in a massive amount of bets in America and Canada.

football betting

However, you can also bet on football matches on many different teams, all of which are in the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC). Those make up the National Football League (NFL).

Types of American Football Bets

Should you consider making a bet on American football, you should choose one of the following types:

  • American Football Match Betting

This is the most popular type of betting on the U.S. football. It is a simple type as you pick out a team that you want to win and place the best. If the team wins, you do.

  • American Football Away Team Total Points

American Football Away Team Total Points is the more exotic type of wagers for those who are looking to get some of the best odds on any U.S. football wager. If you can predict the total scores of the Away Team, these types of bets are renowned for the massive payout odds. Because they can be hard to predict, the large odds are given.

  • American Football Total Points Betting

The football total points betting is another popular type of football betting in the United States. This type gives you a chance to guess the number of points throughout any match correctly. If it is correct, you will be rewarded with large winning odds.

Tips to bet on U.S. football

Before betting on football in the United States, you should take the following steps to ensure a high level of winning.

  • Paying more attention to transfers of players, the new contracts/ sign-ups, player suspension, and their injuries both before and during the seasons.
  • Spending much time on studying the recent three seasons and understand how the team you want to bet on has played.
  • Making use of the in-play betting on hedge your bets.