Does football betting include extra minutes?

What’s a soccer bet?  Players make a statement before the match, then select their preferred team based on the current house odds balance, the odds, and then make a decision to put a bet.  Football betting often draws players because it helps enhance the drama, stimulates the audience’s passion, and sees the ball roll around […]

Evolution of sports betting in America

Several sports betting sites have been selling internet betting to American sports lovers for more than a decade. Their products are well established and offer a wide variety of sports, betting forms, as well as special deals and promotions. The primary concentration in the US is on four professional sports: soccer, football, baseball and hockey. […]

U.S. Sports Betting Recovers after Major Leagues Resume

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has negatively affected all sectors in the world, including sports. Due to the lockdown, the international sports tournaments had to be canceled while some national events were organized without spectators. The cancellation has hurt the sports betting industry, especially in the United States, which is home to a wide range […]

Historical Milestones of Online Sports Betting in the USA (Part 3)

The followings are the final part of historical milestones of online sports betting in the USA. 1992: U.S. Passed Professional &Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), which was launched in 1992, has so far been the biggest blow to the U.S. sports betting. The PASPA made it illegal […]