Goal line bets, puck line bets, or run line 

These are the bets given as alternatives to football, hockey or soccer money bets

These wagers have a set spread that adjusts the disability-based payouts between the two teams. The more losers the team loses, the higher the winning bet would be. 

Future Wagers 

While all sports bets are classified as future events, legitimate bets in this form of bet are typically over a long period of time, measured in weeks or months. Let’s presume you’re betting that a certain NFL team will win the Super Bowl for the coming season. Such wagers must be taken before the season begins in September, and winning bets will not count until the conclusion of the Super Bowl in January or February (although many losing bets will be apparent before that). The odds on such wagers are generally expressed as the unit rates paid for the bet units.


In this form of betting, bettor forecasts the outcomes of players playing against each other and is not dependent on the final outcome of the game. An example of this is the Formula One race, in which you bet on two or three drivers and their place, among others. Often you can also bet on a match in which one or both drivers have the same timing, drop out or be disqualified. 


In Totalizators betting (sometimes referred to as adjustable odds), odds adjust in real time depending on the odds of the total number of exchanges that each outcome is expected to obtain, taking into account the payment of the bookmaker.

Example: If the house’s payback is 90 percent, 90 percent of the amount assigned to the winning outcome will be returned to the bettor and 10 per cent to the bookmaker. Of course, the more money you place on a particular outcome, the lower the chances of that outcome. It is similar to parimutuel betting on horse races and dog racing.