Sports betting is common in the United States, as are many other countries around the world. 

The below are the forms of sport betting available in the United States

Moneyline Bet 

Moneyline wagers have no spread or handicap and require the preferred team to win the match. The preferred party pays the lower odds relative to the loser, but this gamble serves mostly as an opportunity to take the loser with a better payoff. Often a bettor will pair the bet with his favorite team to maximize his payoff chances. 

Spread beat 

Spread bet is any form of bet that varies from the outcome of a case where a settlement is based on the accuracy of the bet, rather than a straightforward result such as a win or a loss, a fixed odds bet. Or make a parallel bet. 

Spread bets are taken against a number suggested by bookmakers betting that one side is an underdog and helping the other as two teams compete against each other. This is one of the most common forms of sports betting in the United States.

Total (over/under) bets (total (over/under) bets) 

An over or under (O/U) bet is a bet where a sport forecasts a number for a given figure in a given game and a bettor bets that the real number in the game is higher or lower than that number. For example, in Super Bowl XXXIX, most Las Vegas casinos put the over odds for the game score at 46.0. The bettor may bet that the two teams together would be more or less than that amount. Since the total score for this game is 45, whoever bets on under” wins.

If  bet 

A If bet is a gambling bet consisting of at least two straight bets related by an If clause that specifies the betting process. If the first choice of the player satisfies the condition (clause), then the second choice will take action; if the second option satisfies the condition, the third option will take action, and so on.