In the United States of America (USA), each state will be allowed to legalize the sports betting itself. The following is the list of states that sports betting is legal. 


Colorado signed a law on legalizing the betting last year and officially launched it on May 1 of this year. This state allows both online and in-person betting.

Delaware signed a bill to allow local sports betting on June 11, 2018. Therefore, both online and in-person betting is permitted in Delaware. 

Iowa launched betting last year, and it allowed both in-person and mobile betting. However, certain prop bets involving college sports are prohibited in Iowa.

Illinois only launched sports betting on March 9, one year after the governor signed its bill. The state allows both in-person and online betting. However, the betting is not permitted in minor league sports and college sports tournaments.

Indiana launched betting last September. Both in-person and online betting is allowed in this state. However, the state bans betting on high school sports. 

Michigan has just signed into law both in-person and online betting. However, the state will launch online betting next year. 

New Hampshire launched betting in December 2019. Until now, the state permits both in-person and mobile or online betting.

New Jersy, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania launched betting 2018, and now both online and retail wagering are permitted. 

Nevada has legalized betting for a long time as it was exempted from the PASPA. 

Oregon allows both retail and online betting when it returns last August.

Rhode Island permits both in-person and online betting. Washington DC also legalizes the betting; however, the official time is not known. 


Arkansas only allowed the in-person betting within this state’s borders in July 2019. However, online betting is still banned in this state. 

Mississippi only launches and permits in-person betting. However, the state also schedules to launch mobile betting soon.  

Montana launched sports betting last March and only licensed land casinos and bookies to take bets. Online betting has to take place in taverns. 

New Mexico only allows in-person betting. A few casinos are also allowed to take bets from the local from October 2018.  

New York launched sports betting last July. However, it only allows in-person betting at the moment. 

Tennessee online legalized online betting on May 25, 2019. 

North Carolina only prohibits betting within the tribal lands, but the statewide betting is being considered. /.