In the previous part, we learn some seasons why e-sports betting has yet to succeed in the United States. Today, we would like to provide you with the remaining three out of five main reasons.

3/ Potential for Match Fixing

Match-fixing is one of the main reasons why sports betting was banned in the United States. The sports leagues are worried that legal betting will make corrupt participants. These fears especially persist regarding e-sports betting.

Ian Smith, a UK-based lawyer serving as the integrity commissioner at E-sports Integrity Coalition (ESIC), total the media that matching fixing is incredibly widespread in the e-sports sector.

The biggest scandal related to e-sports came in 2016 when StarCraft player Seung-Hyun organized the match-fixing despite having been paid a high salary. He was sentenced 18 months in jail for the match-fixing worries.

However, his incident is not the only reason for the match-fixing as underage players seem potential brides if they do not earn a high salary.

4/Most U.S. Gamblers Interested in Traditional Sports

E-sports is becoming more popular in the United States. Research from Syracuse University said that e-sports is expected to attract more viewers than every U.S. professional sports, apart from the National Football League (NFL), by 2021.

However, most sports fans are still interested in gambling on traditional sports at present. Of which, Major League Baseball (MLB), the Professional Sports League (NBA), and the NFL are key drivers of U.S. sports betting.

Besides, boxing, golf, tennis, the National Hockey League (NHL), and Major League Soccer (MLS) draw a wide range of gambling action.

5/ Regulations Slowed for Now

Sports betting regulations have been exciting for gambling lovers. Finally, they have legal sportsbooks to bet with. However, the number of states that have so far legalized sports gambling has slowed.

Of course, e-sports gambling works as sports wagering does. It can only become legal if it is included in a larger bill involving traditional sports.